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Your Milan & Lake Como Weekend Itinerary

For our readers planning a weekend getaway to one of the fashion capitals of the world, we have you covered! We've curated a list of incredible suggestions, meticulously vetted by our team to guarantee you an unforgettable experience..

And should you happen to secure a city sojourn in Milan, do not overlook the opportunity to embark on a train journey to Lake Como! Just an hour away and a mere 4 euros, I assure you it will be the highlight of your trip.

First Stop: Milan

Top Tips:

  1. Pre-book your arrival transfer to the hotel with our team, on demand taxi’s can be very expensive at the airport.

  2. Bring walking shoes! Except your best designer heels for the evening of course.

  3. Book your restaurants in advance if you’re travelling in peak season.

  4. 2 days is enough time so see most of Milan, the city is gorgeous but small.


- Westin Palace Hotel: Indulge in the glamorous ambiance and spacious rooms just a 15-minute walk from Milan's vibrant square.

Dining Recommendations:

- For the Girls: Enjoy a lively dinner at Crazy Pizza, perfect for a fun night out.

- With a Club Vibe: Head to Just Cavalli for a dinner experience coupled with club ambiance.

- Couples' Retreat: Delight in a romantic dinner at La Gioia for an intimate evening.

- Scenic Dining: Experience breathtaking views at Giacomo while savoring delectable cuisine.


- Spend a leisurely day exploring designer boutiques and vintage stores, soaking in Milan's renowned fashion scene at La Galleria.

- Take in the majestic beauty of the Duomo, both from the outside and inside. Enjoy a glass of wine at a near by bar while admiring the iconic architecture.

- After lots of walking around, end your day with a unique coffee experience at Starbucks Reserve Roastery, where you can experience unique coffees, cocktails and pastries.

Stepping into the Enchanting Lake Como

Top Tips:

  1. Be well prepared with your itinerary as the como area is not the easiest to get around, ferries operate at different times and can take time to get from Provence to Provence.

  2. Have euros handy as not everywhere takes card.

  3. Allow lots of time to board ferries & just walk around different towns. Although timing is important, allow for lots of leisurely walking.


- Hilton Lake Como: Enjoy the perfect blend of luxury and comfort at this lakeside retreat. Its an ideal location on the lakes and offers an incredible spa.

- Grand Hotel Tremezzo: Indulge in an unparalleled luxury experience at this iconic hotel overlooking Lake Como.

- Musa Como: For a boutique couples' getaway, escape to the intimate ambiance of Musa with privatised villas and incredible activities on offer.

Dining Recommendations:

- L’Aria Mandarin: Delight your palate with Italian-Asian fusion and incredible views at this luxury property.

- Giacomo: Experience fine dining at its best with a visit to Giacomo, known for its exceptional cuisine at GHT.

- LAGO Food & Co: Savour delicious Italian fare in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


- Explore the charming towns surrounding Lake Como by ferry, each offering its own unique charm and beauty.

-Experience an unforgettable afternoon on a private tour around the lakes on a Venetian Limo, bring a bottle of champagne, celebrate the occasion as you travel around famous villas and towns.

To explore itinerary options and book your trip this romantic destination, message our team.


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