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Where to go in 2024

There are so many compelling reasons to take travel far and wide in the year ahead. Emerging boutique hotels, wellness resorts, and expedition cruises are taking a rise, as they vie for travellers’ bookings with new offerings & are being forced to carefully consider what it means to be relevant and exciting.

Let's delve into our top destination picks for 2024:

1. Budapest, Hungary:

Over the past two years, Budapest has witnessed a surge in new hotel openings, the art deco W Budapest – formerly a palace and on a UNESCO World Heritage-listed street – opened in July 2023 opposite the Hungarian State Opera. Europeans are increasingly drawn to this city, captivated by its stunning architecture and exceptional dining experiences.

2. Bath, UK:

With a notable rise in Londoners opting for staycation weekend getaways, Bath stands out as an ideal destination. Just a two-hour drive away, it boasts charming coffee shops, a rich cultural scene, and a delightful ambiance that makes it a perfect escape.

3. Vietnam:

Offering a distinctive experience compared to the popular demand for Thailand in recent years, Vietnam emerges as a captivating destination for travelers seeking something a little less popular while still embracing its unique cultural offerings and picturesque landscapes.

4. Mauritius:

Long a favorite among our agents, Mauritius, known for its crystal-clear seas and pristine white sands, is undergoing a transformation with the opening of luxury properties. Shangri La Mauritius is a standout, making Mauritius an increasingly sought-after alternative to the Caribbean or Indonesia.

5. Doha:

While the UAE remains a perennial favorite, travelers are on the lookout for exciting alternatives, and Doha fits the bill. Boasting a rich culture, and an untouched sense of luxury, Doha is gaining popularity beyond the Middle East. The eagerly anticipated opening of Rixos Doha, one of the largest resorts in the UAE, adds to the city's allure.

6. Grenada:

Grenada is set to become a hotspot with new direct flights announced and hotels opening in 2024. Six Senses has chosen Grenada for its inaugural Caribbean resort, La Sagesse, set to open in early 2024. Spanning 38 acres with unparalleled access to the ocean, the resort promises a range of adventures, from shipwreck dives to waterfall trails, making Grenada an irresistible destination.

7. Iceland:

With our predictions on more adventurous travel this year, Iceland is definitely a spot you’ll keep hearing about. In 2023, unfortunately the Blue Lagoon had to close down due to volcanic eruptions & this limitation has only sparked higher demand and interest. What’s more, the northern lights are said to be the most visible they have ever been across the next 12 moths. So if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, there’s not time to wait.

In the unfolding year, anticipate an influx of adventure and luxury shaping the travel landscape. If you aspire to be a part of this exciting journey, reach out to us to secure your bookings for any of the remarkable destinations mentioned above. Your next extraordinary travel experience awaits!


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