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Where to Eat in Budapest

Budapest is a country that doesn’t exactly fall to the top of the page on most peoples Bucket Lists, and thats why it’s one of our favourite city destinations in Europe! Budapest offers luxury scenery, a buzzing nightlife and a sense of untouched culture.

First, lets talk about the hotel…

Kozmo Hotel & Suites is a contemporary, boutique hotel that opened in 2021, so it gives off a fresh and clean vibe. Inside, you will find an underground spa, an oyster bar and a courtyard in the middle of the lobby.

The building that Kozmo Hotel Suites & Spa occupies today is a historical landmark known for being home to the largest telecommunications centre in Eastern and Central Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. So although a newly opened hotel with modern attraction, it still shows rich culture and history throughout.

We stayed in a Junior Suite, when entering the room you are immediately greeted by a oversized four poster bed and floor to ceiling window that overlooks the courtyard. The bath is free standing and large enough to fit a petite family and the dressing room area is every womens dream. Complete perfection.

I highly recommend this hotel to anyone deciding to visit Budapest. Although slightly outside of the main square (about a 30 minute walk), the staff are excellent and the entire property gives a secluded retreat in the city feel.

Where we ate…

As any good Londoner, we booked our restaurants way in advance, picked the most instagrammable options and basically developed a weekend itinerary all around food. I was surprised by the amount of outdoor dining options and rooftop bars there were in Budapest, making it a perfect trip for the spring or summer.

High Note Bar

High Note is a rooftop bar in central Budapest, overlooking St Stephens Church. The bar offers an extensive cocktail list, nibbles and great music.


A nutritious, soulful Mediterranean restaurant in an urban, jungle green house. The food in 26 is delicious, and it’s the perfect place for breakfast, brunch or lunch with friends and a cocktail or two. I definitely recommend trying the prawns and lentil soup… delicious!


If you’re ever craving Roka while in Budapest, here’s the place! There aren’t many high end sushi restuarants in Budapest except Nobu & Yama, and Yama did not disappoint! We ate there on a Monday, so it was more on the quiet side, but I can gaurantee you’ll have to book in advance here on the weekends! We opted for black cod, spicy tuna rolls and ‘the sexiest fish in town’ which is their signature cocktail which comes in a puffer fish shaped glass.

New York Cafe

One of the best attractions in Budapest and not one to miss when you’re visiting. But its not about the food here… in fact, I’m pretty sure you’ll forget what dish is in front of you because you’ll constantly be taking in the scenery. New York Cafe is located in The Anantara Hotel. One of the most luxurious hotels in Budapest. You’ll just have to see the photos below to understand why!

A La Maison

Eating in A La Maison, a french style brunch cafe, made me realise that I hadn’t actually tried any traditional Hungarian cuisine during my 2 day break, like goulash! But, after trying the food at A La Maison, the guilt was quickly buried.
We had a long day ahead with a late night flight and most of our touristy tasks out the way, so we ordered some cocktails… its 5 o clock somewhere! My go to breakfast drink is a Bloody Mary, which in my experience is always hit and miss. And because I dont have them frequently, except when at the airport (which may actually be a little too frequent now I think of it) from Fortnums Bar, this was a delightful treat and very well prepeared. I always think the perfect way to start the day is with a Bloody Mary, vodka to perk you up and tomato Juice is one of your 5 a day so its a win win!
To soak the cocktails up I had my all time favourite Eggs Royale, but instead of smokes salmon it was salmon fillet which was delicious! And Baylie went for an LA Breakfast, which consisted of spicy sausage, paccakes, bacon and egg. Bon a Petite!

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