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Luxury Yacht Experience in Zakynthos

When thoughts drift to summers in Greece, those dreamy island-hopping adventures with crystal-clear waters and sunsets and Mamma Mia fantasies, your mind might instantly wander to the famous trio: Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. But let's take you on a journey to a hidden paradise – Zakynthos!

Last month, our team ventured to the island to review a new yacht operator and sampling the delights of the island's popular dining establishments. We're here to be your guides, revealing the top spots and experiences you won't want to miss.

Highlighting our unforgettable cruise with Algeria Luxury Yacht Company that let us witness the island's glory in the most breathtaking way – dancing on deck with the crystal-clear waters all around.

We embarked on a 7-hour private cruise, setting sail from Zakynthos Port with our first port of call being Turtle Beach. This is a popular spot for tourists, with countless tour guide boats floating about, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the magnificent turtles – and we struck gold, encountering some truly massive ones! We opted not to disembark here due to the slightly choppy waters, but witnessing these incredible creatures was unquestionably a highlight of our trip.

As we continued our voyage, our captain pointed out White Beach, a famed beach club and restaurant, renowned on the island for its white-themed parties featuring top-notch DJs.

Our next stop left me questioning if we'd somehow sailed all the way to the Maldives, because the ocean was the bluest I have ever laid eyes on! We anchored at a small, shallow beach, perfect for a quick dip in the turquoise waters (and, of course, a few obligatory pictures). It's almost impossible to convey the sheer beauty of this place; it felt like we'd been transported out of Zante entirely!

The salty skin & wet hair called to pop a bottle of bubbly as we sailed to our next destination, a bucket list attraction for any traveller around the Greek Islands… Shipwreck Beach!

True to its name, Shipwreck Beach on the north coast of Zakynthos is a small cove like beach with a huge pirate like ship ashore. As history explains, in 1980, due to poor weather, the ship sailed into water from which it could not escape. The crew fled, leaving the ship to be washed ashore, where she currently remains, gifting the island a breathtaking sight for visitors year round.

Having checked this beach off our bucket list, it was time for lunch, and oh boy, did we do it in style! We disembarked from our yacht onto a speedboat that ferried us to the incredible beach club and restaurant, Nobelos. This place served up organic dishes in a relaxed setting with panoramic sea views. The team & I shared a number of fresh dishes including mussels, bruschetta, oysters, anchovies, and the mouthwatering traditional Greek delicacy, Prawn Saganaki – an absolute must-try for anyone reading this. A few glasses of wine, reminiscing about the spectacular sights of the day, and soaking up the sun later, and we were back on board for a final sail and snorkeling adventure together!

As mentioned before, Zakynthos isn't typically the first island that springs to mind when planning a Greek adventure, but we firmly believe it's a destination that should be added to your island-hopping itinerary. While it may have a reputation as a party hub, the island boasts beautiful beaches, luxurious restaurants, and an array of marine life perfect for snorkeling.

For those seeking culinary excellence, here are our restaurant recommendations:

  • Hamsa Beach Club for delectable sushi, day or night.

  • Nobelos for a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere with traditional Greek cuisine.

  • Lesante Blu Hotel for fine dining with breathtaking views.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Algeria Yacht Comapny for making our journey around Zakynthos Island an unforgettable experience. For yacht bookings in Zakynthos, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.


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