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Things That Just Make Sense At The Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh

As the sun set over the tranquil waters of the Red Sea, our team returned from an unforgettable journey to Egypt, where we had the privilege of experiencing the renowned Four Seasons property nestled along its coast. This oasis of luxury offered not just a beautiful resort, but an intricate attention to detail that made every moment spent here feel like a thoughtful gesture from a close friend.

Firstly, lets talk a little bit about the property, Four Seasons Sharm holds the prestigious title of the finest hotel in the region. Set against a backdrop of unbeatable views of Tiran Island, the resort welcomes you to an Arabian fairytale with year-round sun; sleek, modern accommodations; over 3,000 palm trees and panoramic sea views. A private beachfront with crystal-clear waters and access to a protected marine reserve & some of the best coral reefs in the region. What’s more, after a major renovation with 50% expansion the hotel offers modern suites, a new pool area and additional restaurants. Ideal for business, romance, or family fun.

Things that just make sense in the resort:

1. Thoughts to Women in Heels: The Buggies

To aid guests in navigating the newly renovated, vast grounds, buggies are available around the clock, whisking you effortlessly through the verdant pathways and immaculate gardens.

2. Thoughts to Exhuasting Beach Days: The Tram

A charming touch that truly stood out was the all day accessible 1920’s style tram, a nostalgic ride that descends from the lobby down to the pristine beach, a fantastic concept for those moments after a beach day, when the sun and sea have left you exhausted, and those final steps seem just out of reach.

3. Thoughts to The Children: Kids Club

Four Seasons hotels are not often viewed as a family friendly resort, however I have never been to a hotel that were so accommodating to children. The children’s club was a beautiful, modern building with so many activities, a timetable was given to us on arrival & the buggie is also available to bring the kids to and from the kids club whether the adults are sunbathing by the pool or enjoying a cocktail in the bar.

4. Thoughts to Health: The Gym

If you know me, you know that I will give any hotel with a decent gym brownie points, and four seasons, as usual exceeds this standard. Not only does the gymnasium have start of the art equipment for every workout, there are 2 floors of it! Perfect for the early morning workouts before heading to the beach.

Things that just make sense in the rooms:

Inside the confines of our luxurious abode, we discovered a host of features that showcased Four Seasons' commitment to ensuring an unforgettable stay.

1. Thoughts to The Women: Jewelry Box

A jewelry box thoughtfully provided in the room allowed for the safekeeping of precious trinkets which can typically be left sporadically around, as we women dont typically carry around a way to organise our jewlery on vacation.

2. Thoughts to The Children: Welcome Gifts

The consideration extended to even the youngest guests, with coloring books thoughtfully placed to keep children engaged, a gifted hat & Tshirt.

3. Thoughts to the Sun: Sunglasses

And for those who ventured out to explore, the provision of sunglasses-cleaning cloths left in the room with your cases was a small but impactful touch.

4. Thoughts to The Beach: Beach Bag

Beach bags, spacious enough to accommodate snorkeling gear, creams, and even a beach ball, were thoughtfully provided, ensuring that you had everything you needed for a day of seaside relaxation.

Things that just make sense by the pool:

1. Thoughts to Tanning

Tanning oil, after-sun lotion, and sunscreen were conveniently available at the pool for those seeking the perfect sun-kissed glow, located by the pool reception.

2. Thoughts to The Heat

Regular offerings of ice-cold flannels and hourly replenished ice buckets, as well as the refreshing delight of seasonal fruits, elevated the poolside experience to new heights. What's more, a courteous attendant stood ready to pamper guests with a refreshing spritz of rose water, epitomizing the blend of luxury and personal care that Four Seasons is renowned for.

In summary, our visit to Four Seasons, Sharm El Sheikh, was a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to providing an experience that effortlessly blends opulence with practicality. The array of small touches that made our stay so memorable, it's clear that every element has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs and desires of the modern traveler whether thats a couple, a businessman or a family of 5.

Four Seasons, Sharm El Sheikh, isn't just a luxury destination – it's a haven where convenience, comfort, and a dash of nostalgia come together to create an exceptional retreat on the shores of the Red Sea.

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