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What is a Travel Membership?

So… what is a travel subscription?

As many of our subscribers have seen The Jet Set Lifestyle Group is not only the best travel concierge out there to book your magical vacation memories with but we also have a travel membership that you can be a part of!

What is a travel subscription?

A travel subscription gives you access to special insider rates with hotels around the world. These hotel chains include, but are not limited to: Radisson, Marriott, Jumeirah, Royalton and Iberostar!

How does it work?

Once you join our travel subscription you get access to these special insider rates! Hotels around the world give us special log ins and discount codes to their hotels all around the world, these discounts can be anything from 10% and 80%!

What does the discount percentage depend on?

The discount depends on a number of things… availability, hotel discretion, dates of travel, number of guests or rooms!

What else can I get?

Not only do we have access to to these special insider discounts but from time to time we can also have the privilege of late check-outs, early check-ins, upgrades and more!

Why do hotels do this?

When you join our travel company, you are essentially becoming a home-based travel agent! Suppliers want to give us access to these special discounts as 1, we are part of the industry and 2, hotels love us to experience a stay with them so we can better sell this to our clients!

What do you mean clients..?

So as mentioned, you are essentially becoming a travel agent when you join! Whether you choose to use this platform to earn through travel or not! This business is super flexible! So if you want to join for the savings… go ahead! And if you want to join also to earn by booking for friends and family… great!

Is it just hotels?

No it isn’t… we can book hotels, packages, car transfers, car hire, activities, airport lounges and much much more!

Joining our business is perfect for anyone who loves to travel or is looking for an additional income! Whatever you join for, its totally flexible, works around other commitments and gives you the chance to travel for less!

To find out more message us on instagram @jetsetlifestyelco


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