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The Future of Travel 🪐

It's no secret that top innovators such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson are well on their way to taking travel to a whole new dimension, literally! But how close is the time when holiday makers will be getting on a rocket rather than a plane?

Tech entrepreneur Nicolas Gaume founded Orbite in 2019, which allows people to get a taste of travelling to space, but through an luxury lens. Gaume's family own some of the best hotels in France as well as America, meaning he has developed the ideal recipe where astronomer meets Michelin star hospitality - and here at jet set, we're intrigued!

Virgin Galactic is set to take its first 90 minute trip to space in 2024, and you have to have a certain amount of training to be able to go through an experience in space, and Gaume says: “what we really want is for you to have fun and enjoy every bit of it, with an experience that focuses not just on the technical but also the mental and spiritual. And that is different from what is available in the traditional training facility.”

Therefore meals feature oysters, crab, and lobster, washed down with pastis and 1969 Mumm Champagne—which seems most un-spacelike, until you learn that chefs from Alain Ducasse's team have already created a high-end gastronomic experience for astronauts at ISS, featuring tinned blue lobster and quinoa.

Galactic has a similar approach to ensuring that the trip isnt just about heading to space, but making the entire experience as opulent as possible. Quoted by Galactic "Our exclusive automotive partner, Land Rover, provides world-class assistance across our entire experience by towing the spaceship and transporting our astronauts. As a Virgin Galactic astronaut, you will have the opportunity to purchase a unique, ‘Astronaut Edition’ Range Rover."

With the Sky Hotel, a luxury jet hotel which can stay in the sky for over 4 years set to potentially open in the next few years, Glactic currently taking trip applications and Alain Ducasse in the kitchen creating tinned 'astronaut approved' caviar, we think that our summer holidays could be getting a little more exciting than a seat on British Airways in the near future.

See you in space, Jet Setters!



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