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Top Things to Do in New York

Whether you live in NYC or your planning a visit for the first time, there are plenty of hidden gems that you need to visit! Here are our top things to do on a budget in the city…

Eat Delicious Food at Chelsea Market 🌯

Drink Cocktails with Amazing Views at Panorama 🍹

Buy a Bagel for Lunch at the Famous Russ and Daughters 🥯

Enjoy the Art at the Modern Art Museum 🖼

See the City from the Sky at The Top of The Rock 🏙

Indulge in Cookies from Levain's 🍪

Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge 🌁

Eat a Huge Slice of Pizza from Joe's 🍕

Eat a Pastrami Sandwhich from Katz 🥪

Visit Grand Central Terminal 🚉

Spend Some Time in Nature at Central Park 🌷

Read a Good Book at The Public Library 📚

Whenever you decide to book a trip to the concrete jungle, Jet Set will be here with a hotel booking and intermarry personalised and ready for you!


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