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The Benefits of Working with a Travel Agent

Back before the internet, if you wanted to book a family vacation you would head down to your local travel agency, have a browse through the catalogues and speak to an advisor who would book your trip.

Now we have Apps such as Skyscanner and, how relevant are travel agents in this day and age?

Well, according to 43% of the population who still use travel agents for every trip, we are still in high demand… of course, dependent on what we specialise in.

So, why would someone use a travel agent?

Expert Advice

When using a travel agent, or a good one, they will specialise in certain travel. For example, safari, honeymoons, staycations or luxury. So whatever your planning to do, our agents will have expert advice to plan the perfect trip, from the best activities to participate in, when monsoon season is and the best hotels in your selected destination.


We have all sat there for hours on hold to Ryanair or, only to then be told to do it online. It’s frustrating and when planning a holiday, you want to know that there is someone to rely on when things go wrong. Using a travel agent gives you someone to trust, someone who will be only a phone call away (with no holding time) who can help keep your vacations stress-free.

Added Protection

Online you can often find great deals but you do have to be careful that the company that you book with has ATOL protection and that the company has been around for a while. If the company goes bust you will lose your holiday and the money you paid for it. Booking with a travel agent they know the industry and they only deal with trusted suppliers. They will also have ATOL protection so if anything happens you are covered. The last thing you want is to turn up at the airport and have no flight!

They do the Leg Work for You

Planning a family vacation, honeymoon or anything in between can be stressful, and a lot of our clients don’t have the time to be surfing pages of TUI and so why not allow someone who works directly with these companies do it for you! After all, its what we’re paid to do!


To get a good deal online you generally need to book with several providers; hotel company, flights company, airport transfers company etc so you have lots of different confirmations to keep track of. With a travel agency everything is in one place so you still get the flexibility for finding what you want for the right price, but without the messiness.

That Extra Mile

Working with experts in the industry also means they have direct relationships with hotels, which could even land you a free upgrade or late check out! Travel agents are always willing To go that extra mile.

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