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Restaurant Recommendations: Tulum

After a few weeks off the blog & enjoying some sunshine around the world we’re back and starting off strong with a review of all the restaurants that our team ate at in Tulum, so you know where to go (and where not to go) on your next visit!

Taboo Beach Club

On day 1 we headed straight to Taboo for some fun in the sun! Let’s be honest, you dont go to Taboo for the food. But we’ll review it nonetheless! In between the cocktails and sunbathing we took a lunch break. The decor in the restaurant is gorgeous and reminds me of Greece, its a lot more of a chilled atmosphere in the dining space which I thinks nice as it gives you a break from the music whilst your eating. I had the squid ink risotto, if you know me, you know if I’m seeing squid ink on the menu I’m automatically ordering it! Whilst this dish was tasty, I would say I’ve had better. Perhaps it was just a little heavy for lunch time as I couldn’t even finish half of the plate, but I also found it on the salty side. Although, the chef gets points for adding a whole squid on the plate, very generous and presented perfectly.

JetSet Recommendation: Lamb Burger

El Agavaro

If you dine at, El Agavaro during your vacation in Tulum, be prepared for a whirlwind of thoughts & emotions. Located in Tulum town El Agavaro is a gastro-cultural oaxaquena located in Tulum town. The menu serves traditional Mexican food like tacos and Tlayunda and interesting cocktails including this chocolate old fashioned. For this particular night they had a cacoa ceremony happening which was really cool to witness during dinner and we even got to try some of their blessed cacao. Personally, the food wasnt for me, it was very dark in the restaurant so I dont think I knew what I was actually eating, but each dish tasted the same. The servers were lovely & polite but they needed more as we had to ask for desert 3 times before we left without it. El Agavaro has alot of potential, especially with their live entertainment evenings & unique setting. It just needs that added layer of care.

JetSet Recommendation: Chocolate Old Fashion

La Hoja Verde

We didn’t go for breakfast too much whilst in Mexico, so I may be bias when I say La Hoja Verde is the best vegan breakfast spot in Tulum town! For a vegan spot their menu is extensive, serving breakfast and a la carte. I had a green juice which was delicious (even better than my own!) and I loved how you could add sea moss, kombucha, ginger and other super foods to your liking. And as we say below, I highly recommend the Chilaques de recado negro which is a nacho, salsa breakfast dish with avocado and eggs, supposedly a popular Mexican hangover dish… once you try you’ll understand why! But whats more, La Verde isnt just a great health restaurant with amazing staff, they also host private cooking classes in their health shop on the terrace. We highly recommend this experience to our clients, and they never dissapoint.

JetSet Recommendation: Chilaques de recado negro

Bak Steakhouse

BAK was by far our favourite evening by the beach. A steakhouse with a twist! Experience delicious prime cuts with a fire show. We arrived at 8:30pm and at that time is was quiet. We had a few glasses of wine, steak that was to die for, and the best prawn tempura I have ever had (sorry Roka!). And then the party really got started! The fire show was incredible, like nothing I have experienced before, although on par with Cirque De Soliel. The music was very energetic and the staff were so friendly & enjoyable. BAK really know how to get the crowd going, at one point we were even doing the conga. If you’re up for a good night, and lots of ‘free’ tequila shots that’s given out like water then make a reservation at Bak.

JetSet Recommendation: Oreo Pops

Bagatelle Beach Club

If you’re trip to Cancun/Tulum falls on a Sunday, head straight to Bagatelle’s Sunday Brunch! I’ve done some brunches in my time but never like a bagatelle brunch by the beach. The Brunch menu is for £88 per person and includes:

➖ Beach sunbed

➖ Mimosa and coffee to drink

➖ Pastries to start

➖ Eggs of your choice

➖ Main course (I had chicken and potatoes)

➖ Baked desert selection

There was brilliant music & entertainment around the pool too & Bagatelle was one of the only beach clubs with a seaweed free seafront (which is rare on this beach).

JetSet Recommendation: Chicken Milanese

Matcha Mamma

Matcha Mamma was right down the bottom of the beach, and quite a walk especially in the sun, but of course I’ve seen it all over instagram so I had to go and see it for myself. Was it delicious… yes! Did it live up to its expectations… no I was quite disappointed! Now I know there are 3 matcha mammas in Tulum, and perhaps I chose the wrong one but when I arrived I thought to myself, where’s the rest? It’s a tiny little hut behind the beach (not on the beach!) and because its so busy there’s nowhere to sit. On the topic of Matcha, if you have a slight addiction like myself dont expect to find matcha anywhere… this I was really surprised by with Tulum being a spiritual location (us hippies love matcha).

JetSet Recommendation: Açai Berry Bowl

Mia Beach Club

After a healthy breakfast at Matcha Mamma the team & I went to Mia Beach Club, which is a few doors down from Bagatelle, but more on the quiet side. We got a few sun beds here and spent the day by the sea. The food was delicious & not too expensive. We had chips, burgers, caprese salad & tacos. The one dissapointing thing about Mia is that there are sellers of jewellery, coconuts, clothes and bracelets all up & down the beach & they wouldn’t leave you alone, which was an opposite experience for us in other beach clubs.

JetSet Recommendation: Steak Tacos


Looking for a touch of Greek in Mexico? Head to Ilios on Tulum Beach. Ilios is one of the most popular restaurants in Tulum so ensure you book ahead. The food was delicious, the entertainment was great and surprisingly it wasnt all that expensive. The traditional plate smashing was also a lot of fun!

JetSet Recommendation: Greek meatballs


Our last evening in Tulum was presented by Parole, another favourite on Tulum beach. Our last night was on a Tuesday, which is a slow evening in the whole town, so I cant speak for Parole on other nights but yes, it was quiet. Which to be honest was nice for us, it meant we could just enjoy some great food and reminisce over the last few days in paradise. To eat, we had bread, burrata which was so tasty, veal, gnocchi & carbonara. If you’re looking for a show, order the carbonara! Yes it was delicious but they cook it with fire in front of you in a big cheese wheel, talk about get your taste buds going!

JetSet Recommendation: Burrata Salad

Overall, the restaurants & dining experience we had in Tulum are some of the best we’ve ever had. Each restaurant gives you the same level of atmosphere & tasty food but with its own twist!

Of course, if you would like to book any of these dining experiences for yourself, email

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