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My Top Travel Gadgets - Electronic Essentials

You could be staying in a hostel or 5* hotel, chances are, they won't have everything you need to ensure your holiday goes smoothly, and if they do, there's a good chance there's an extra charge!

Ensure your organised and stress free with my top travel gadgets below!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Not sure about everyone else, but I cannot stand the noise aeroplanes make when your trying to watch netflix downloads or have a nap! These headphones were the perfect investment for trips away... and for the gym!

Purchase today for £136

Travel Iron

Personally, I hate having to call room service for an iron, it usually takes about an hour and takes up way too much room, so I always like to travel with this portable travel iron! The Russell Hobbs Travel Iron is compact and lightweight so it will fit easily into your luggage wherever you may be travelling.

You can purchase here for only £10!

Portable Charger

A portable charger is an absolute must have when going travelling or even just out for the day! This lightweight IWalk is perfect for Iphone users as no charging lead is needed too! So just fit this in your pocket and you're good to go!

You can purchase here for only £13:50

BlueTooth Speaker

Trying to connect your phone to the hotel room TV will probably take you longer than the flight itself... save the hassle with our top pick portable speaker thats small enough to take up no room in your luggage but loud enough for the room next door to hear! Bonus: its waterproof too if you have a private pool!

Buy now for £30

Universal Plug

After years of thrashing through a bag of adapters before every international trip, I was thrilled when all in one adapters started appearing on the market—that is, until I tried to use one in actual wall outlets. Some outlets are recessed, requiring an extender that seemed not to be included in most adapter sets. Some adapters didn’t seem to correspond to the shape that you found in the guidebooks for the country you were visiting. Others were poorly made and came apart after a few days’ use.

This one is lightweight, sturdy, fully compatible and perfect for round the world trips!

Purchase now for £26!


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