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My Miami Trip Hotspots

There’s plenty of ways to experience Miami, and that usually depends on the company you bring along for the adventure. For a first experience of Ocean Drive and Downtown Miami, I was fortunate enough to have that experience with my family - so I’ll save the “Best Clubs in Miami’ blog for next time!

We stayed on South Beach, at the Stanton South Beach Hotel by Marriott. The hotel was perfectly situated between the beach and strip and was the perfect base for tanning during the days. The hotel had a boho feel, which we all know is my favourite type of accommodation… with comfy sun beds, wooden decor and funky photos welcoming you into the lobby.

The rooms were basic, but the view was anything but! With a 180” view of Ocean drive and the sea, what more would you want to lay eyes on during your morning coffee?

The hotel is home to a spa, glamorous Japanese restaurant which feels like your in Roka Mayfair, Mexican bar and most importantly… a Starbucks! Is there anything that screens USA like having an ice Matcha latte and cream cheese bagel every morning without even having to step out of your hotel?

I would highly recommend the Stanton South Beach to anyone looking for a clean, perfectly situated hotel that is ideal for family, friends or even couples vacations.

One of my highlights of being in Miami was that beach was so busy in the morning, most sunrises I decided to go for a run along the beach finishing with a meditation by the sea and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people also did this, its a morning routine I could definitely get use to!

Gianni’s at The Former Versace Mansion

During our 10 days in Miami, we only ventured into the city a few times and decided to stay near South Beach most nights, people watching with a cosmopolitan while men with snakes in their hands, drag queens and guys who have never heard of a belt walked past.

But my absolute favourite dining experience has to be Giani’s at The Former Versace Mansion. There was nothing to fault and anyone who is heading to Miami just has to book (and in advance too!).

From the moment you walk into the mansion, it no longer feels like your down south beach, but in the 1900 has an exclusive club member. The restaurant/hotel is dripped head to toe in Versace furniture but the main attraction is the pool, which surprisingly most of the tables have a good view of.

The menu consists of mainly pasta, with some fish and meat options too. I opted for the famous Cacio De Pepe which did not disappoint and I have been craving nearly everyday since returning to the UK.

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach was right next to our hotel, so we decided to have a late lunch here on one of our lasts days. Being in the US I wasn’t surprised of how huge the portions were, but the food was delicious! Like most Nikki’s, there was a a saxophone player and bongo drummer. However, there wasn’t a pool, this wasn’t a problem for myself who was just there for lunch and cocktails, but if I had brought a daybed I would likely of been disappointed in that heat.

With prices being reasonable for a Nikki Beach and Miami, I highly recommend spending a few hours enjoying the music and exotic cocktail list, after all, most Nikki Beaches are outside of main hubs, so its a plus its right on the beach!


Its not a trip to Florida without seeing a snake or alligator… and as I had already seen a snake on our first night down Miami Beach, I gathered I would have to venture out a bit further to see the latter. The Everglades is about a 40 minute drive from Miami Beach, and

once you arrive you will come across several air boat tour operators (all of which are near enough the same). The tour lasts around 30-40 minutes through the swamps where you will see alligators swimming in their natural habitat.

Jet Set Pilates

It would have been rude not to right…!

As a lover of Pilates and jet setting ;) I booked a class at Jet Set Pilates Miami, which was a 2 minute walk from our accommodation. The session lasted around 50 minutes, and was very intense! No wonder all the women in Miami are constantly beach ready, I must have burnt 200 calories in the first minute!

Quick tip: bring along your own grip socks to avoid paying $20 dollars for them on site.

Millionaires Mansion Tour

Florida is one of the wealthiest states in America, with most of that wealth crammed into Miami’s manmade islands including: Fisher Island, Star Island, Hibiscus Island, Sunset Island and others.

The tour begins from Biscayne Blvd, and lasts roughly an hour. Taking you right up to the docks of celebrities mansions such as, Shakira, Will Smith, Rihanna, Maria Carey and many more. During the tour I felt motivated, envious and curious all at once and spent the rest of the day researching how to become a millionaire. Its just astonishing to see that the wealthiest people in Miami have boat’s out-front instead of cars on their drive away. Interestingly Fisher Island is not even accessible via car, so the only option to the exclusive island would be helicopter or boat.

Miami was easily one of my favourite places to go in the US, and I can’t wait to go back and experience it all over again.

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