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Jet Set Visits San Diego

If you didn’t already know, The Jet Set Lifestyle Group host a number of spiritual events worldwide. These events present speakers such as the renowned Dr Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Neale Donald Walsch. Recently, we held the TCCHE Annual Conference in San Diego, this conference discusses a number of topics that bridge the gap between Science and Spirituality, which hosts around 1000 people.

This blog isnt going to be about our events, although if requested we’d be happy to do one! But more about my first experience in San Diego and our top things to do in the city.

A little bit about San Diego…

San Diego is increasingly popular in Western America, with over 70% of Californian’s agreeing that if they were to relocate in the state, it would be to San Diego. The city is a Naval base, this means its one of the safest locations in California to reside as a family, and because of its military tidies most locals and businesses are very military family friendly.

Things To Do

As mentioned above, San Diego hosts many family friendly attractions. The obvious include the local Zoo, Museum and Gallery. But lets talk about some of the best things to do that can only be found in San Diego…

Balboa Park

If you ever search on google; ‘Things to Do in San Diego’ almost always Balboa Park will be first on the list.

Balboa Park is a cultural oasis that includes 17 museums, gardens galore and the world famous Zoo. At 1,200 acres, Balboa Park is one of North America’s most iconic urban parks and a must see on any visit to San Diego.

Balboa Park has a storied history – one that is central to the story of San Diego. It started 150 years ago, when civic leaders took the audacious step of setting aside the scrub-filled mesa overlooking downtown to establish a city park. Today, Balboa Park continues to be a potent mix of what makes San Diego so unique.

Coronado Island

Think old time American seaside town for the rich!

Coronado Island is across the bridge from Downtown San Diego, visited mainly for its pristine beaches and gorgeous skyline view of the city. Originally known as the old Ferry Landing, visitors and locals alike come to enjoy the palm-lined pathways and open-air amusements. Whether you’re hungry for fresh seafood or California cuisine, there’s a variety of fine dining and casual eateries to choose from.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of San Diego has a worldwide reputation for excellence in restoring, maintaining and operating historic vessels. The museum has one of the world’s finest collections of historic ships, including the world’s oldest active ship Star of India. Named one of the worldwide top three Maritime Museums, this needs to be on your bucket list!

Beaches and Sunsets

Ocean Beach: Cocktails, Sunsets and Music… what more would you need? Ocean Beach. It’s a locals hidden gem and loves for its vibrant culture, colour changing sunsets, array of boutiques and vintage shops and of course, the mile long beach.

La Jolla: Again, its the beaches that sell La Jolla! Again, think luxury, relaxes seaside similar to Coronado. La Jolla boasts unbeatable culinary experiences and crashing waves.

Culinary Experiences

Cafe Gratitude

If there’s one thing that San Diego has got right, its their cafe’s. The city is full of modern, insta-worthy cafe’s and brunch spots, but our favourite is Cafe Gratitude. The menu includes a number of healthy, vegan style options with a Mexican twist. Such as tofu scramble with black bean rice, and buckwheat pancakes. Our favourite twist in this spot is that the menu has food and drinks with spiritual names such as ‘I am Vibrant’ Matcha Latte, ‘I am Courageous’ Coffee and ‘I am Invincible’ Ashwagandha shot.

HiroNori Craft Ramen

I couldn’t write about delicious food in San Diego without mentioned HiroNori! My abosulate favourite lunch spot that I visited 4 times in 1 week! A casual cafe experience located in Hillcreast (a great location for vintage and thrift shopping!) but is the best ramen have ever tried… highly recommend!

Raised By Wolves

Not exactly somewhere to go if you’re hungry… but somewhere to visit none the less! Raised by Wolves is a speakeasy bar located in the middle of Westfield Shopping Centre. If you walked by you would think its a normal spirit shop, but, sit on their chairs and be transported into a secret bar with music and a full cocktail list!


For lunch or dinner, Brigante is a vibrant dining spot located central Bayside. Great for groups who want to enjoy sea views, good food and a fireplace to sit around to work your way through the cocktail list.

Little Italy

Little Italy is a popular tourist destination and a must visit for anyone in San Diego. Little Italy is a small town near downtown boasting several high quality Italian restaurants. I dined in Trattoria Don Pietro which is not only always fully booked for its instagrammable decor but its delicious, and fun menu too! We opted for the Salmon Vodka Penne and Truffle Gnocchi digested with a pumpkin spice shot to finish! I also had a small diner in Allegro which felt like you have been transported to a small Italian town, and they served the best lobster ravioli I have ever tried!


Hotel Del Coronado

This hotel is the definition of staycation! A perfect weekend getaway for locals with a beautiful private beach, a number of dining options and ocean view rooms. The resort is split into five distinct neighbourhoods; including…

  • The Victoria: the original, iconic beachfront hotel established in 1888.

  • The Cabanas: a contemporary SoCal social music hub

  • The Views: featuring newly renovated guest rooms and ocean view suits for a spectacular sunset on your own private balcony

  • Beach Village: a gated community of beachfront corsages for highly personalised concierge services and VIP access to exclusive experiences.

  • Shore House: private residential-style seaside residences with welcoming amenities for longer term stays.

Paradise Point

Tucked away on Mission Bay in the heart of San Diego, the resort features comfortable bungalow-style guestrooms, tropical gardens, tranquil lagoons, and one mile of sandy beach next door to SeaWorld. A perfect stay for couples or families with five swimming pools, beach bonfire pits, a marina, five dining venues, an award-winning spa and endless recreation options.


Located in the heart of Bayside San Diego, with views of the Harbour and only a 15 minute walk from Little Italy and Gaslamp.

A great option for corporate travel and couples who expect excellent service and modern rooms.

To conclude…

San Diego has something for everyone, with it being a popular destination for corporate travel and conferences, naval bases and family relocation, we can see how San Diego has so much to offer, perfect weather and a spectrum of cuisines, experiences and cultures.

Jet Set highly recommends visiting the city when in California and giving yourself at least 4 days to really explore! For detailed itineraries and bookings please email


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