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Dubai Starter Pack

Some of us have been Dubai once, for some it's a yearly tradition, some love the lights and some find the way of life way to unrealistic. But, whatever category you fall in, I'm pretty sure that 9/10 of us have checked the following of our Dubai bucket lists...

Walk through the aquarium at largest hotel on the palm, Atlantis Dubai. The resort is the perfect attraction for families and couples. Being home to restaurants such as Nobu and Hakkasan, one of the best water parks in the UAE and of course, getting to come face to face with the marine life is pretty frilling. Atlantis can be a day/night out or enjoy an unforgettable stay

With Salt Bae's new restaurant opening in London causing his prices and signature pose breaking the internet. The Nusr-Et in Dubai has been well established since 2014, and is a chance to experience gold covered burgers, steak and baklava... with a hefty price of course!

While most of Dubai is tall buildings, bright lights and just a bit more luxury than anyone needs, a trip to the desert for the day is the perfect city escape. After your private transfer from your hotel, enjoy dune bashing, a desert photo shoot, camel rides, fire shows, belly dancing, shisha and more! Trips typically last 4-5 hours and can be booked by contacting us!

After soaking in the Arabic culture, theres nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of Greek life in Dubai! Head down to Opa for souvlaki and plate smashing for the ultimate dining experience!

Need a break from the heat? Why not enjoy the aircon and some luxury shopping in the worlds largest shopping centre, Dubai Mall! Dubai. At 12 million sq ft, the mall's total area is equivalent in size to 200 soccer pitches and is home to over 1200 shops! Also, every hour you can enjoy a synchronized water fountain display on your food break!

While there is plenty more to do in Dubai, and endless list of attractions and michelin-star restaurants, I highly recommend experiencing the above at least on one visit!

To book a trip to Dubai, speak to us today on !

Happy booking Jetsetters!



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