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A Weekend in Iceland

Iceland is ever known for its natural phenomena and the perfect place for adventure seekers. But now, iceland is becoming more popular for its beautiful natural spas and spa hotels, making it possible to be on everyone bucket lists.

Must Do Activities

Blue Lagoon is the famous instagramable health and geothermal spa on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Guests renew their relationship with nature, soak up the scenic beauty and enjoy breathing the clean, fresh air while relaxing in the warm geothermal seawater. You can also enjoy popular icelandic cocktails and mud masks.

Arctic Whale Watching. A great adventure and unique experience for everyone. In Dalvík you have an exceptionally good chance to encounter the great humpback whale or 94% and often we spot white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, the small harbour porpoises and sometimes even the majestic blue whale. Overall we see whales in 98% of our tours.

Northern Lights can be experienced in various ways; on a group tour, on a boat trip, taking a small drive out of town or even in the city capital if they're strong enough! You can only see the Northern Lights of Iceland in the winter months. There needs to be strong solar activity, clear skies, and as little light as possible to witness this incredible display. Considering Iceland only gets between two and four hours of daylight in midwinter, depending on the latitude, this season provides endless opportunities to hunt for one of nature’s greatest marvels.

Best Hotels

The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon is a mix between nature and luxury. Carved into an 800-year-old lava field less than an hour from Reykjavík. After spending your days bathing in the lagoon’s mineral-rich water or undoing Time’s work in the underground spa, you’ll feel you’ve earned the right to indulge at Moss restaurant, where Icelandic tasting menus and a world-class wine list await. If you’re lucky, your meal might even be capped by the Northern Lights dancing over the lagoon.

Diamond Suites Boutique Hotel offers cosy, clean rooms, a barbecue and hot tub, Diamond Suites is situated in Keflavík, 21.1 miles from Reykjavík. The hotel has a terrace and views of the sea, and guests can enjoy a drink at the bar.

Get off the grid at Frost & Fire, a boutique hotel nestled in the geothermal foothills above Hveragerði village on the banks of the Varmá river, only 40 minutes from Iceland’s capital area and only steps away from the quaint village’s heart. With luxury amenities, an exceptional restaurant and some of the best geothermal swimming and bathing facilities in the area, guests are treated to an authentically Icelandic escape like none other.

Hotel Borg is the perfect city hotel, and an ideal hub to start all of your icelandic tours. The elegant Art Deco-style Hotel Borg by Keahotels enjoys a central location in Reykjavik, overlooking the historic Asuturvollur Square. Guests can enjoy an in-house spa and gym that features a hot tub, sauna and steam room.

Although I highly recommend all activities listed to have the full experience of Iceland, its the perfect getaway even just for a relaxing spa weekend!


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