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Soho’s Newest Indian Spot: Paro

Soho has a delightful surprise for theatre enthusiasts this season, as a brand-new Indian culinary gem, Paro, has graced the neighborhood – and it's a sensation just in time for London's theatre season.

You’ll find them in Covent Garden, right within the iconic Lyceum Theatre, home to the famous Lion King production, Paro is a recent addition to Soho's culinary scene. The establishment, led by the skilled Head Chef Niaz, who has rapidly become the face of contemporary Indian gastronomy in the area, is making an impact. Chef Niaz's experience gained from working in esteemed Indian kitchens alongside renowned chefs is unmistakably reflected in the delicious dishes we had the pleasure of trying during our recent visit.

After we sat down we was presented with the customary popadoms, served with a variety of condiments, all complemented by a well-chosen bottle of wine. It's worth noting that, for the time being, Paro doesn't offer cocktails, but we anticipate this may change in the near future, especially considering their spacious bar area.

The first surprise of the evening was Chef Niaz's inventive twist on the traditional poppadum accompaniments – a sumptuous coconut filling reminiscent of Peshawari naan. A game-changer!

For our main courses, we indulged in the Gunpowder Lamb, a minced dish, and the tantalizingly spicy Nani-Jaan Chicken, served with rice, naan, and a side of prawns. The Toddy Shop Tiger Prawns were a highlight of our meal. To be transparent, prawns in Indian restaurants often tend to be on the smaller and less flavorful side, but this dish defied expectations and is a must-try from the Paro menu.

Paro is a versatile dining spot, suitable for both pre-theatre and leisurely dining. If you plan to catch a show in the evening, we highly recommend indulging in their pre-theatre dining menu. The restaurant boasts a charming and quirky decor, an ambiance that's always buzzing, and impeccable service. So, if you happen to find yourself in Soho this winter, don't miss the opportunity to step into Paro and savor a delectable pre-theatre dining experience. Your taste buds will thank you.


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