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Discover Pillows Maurits: An Enchanting New Boutique in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the charming city of canals, tulips, and picturesque architecture, now welcomes a new gem to its crown – Pillows Maurits. Located in the heart of this vibrant city, Pillows Maurits feels like an urban retreat that seamlessly blends old-fashioned architecture with contemporary vibes. Opened in November 2022 as the first 5 star property of the Pillows group, stands tall as a testament to the owner's commitment to giving back to the Nederland community.

As we stepped into the hotel for our recent review, it became evident that Pillows Maurits holds a reputation for exceptional customer service. While all 5-star hotels promise top-notch service, Pillows takes it to a whole new level with their genuinely warm and friendly staff. From the valet thoughtfully placing bottles of water in your car upon departure to the kind doormen and warm greetings, the attention to detail is simply heartwarming. The seated check-in process accompanied by a glass of prosecco offers the perfect introduction to the property, making guests feel truly welcomed.

The historical building, originally a 20th-century university, boasts stunning architecture that effortlessly blends with modern amenities. Stained glass windows, grand corridors, and brick walls in the lobby evoke a sense of timeless beauty. The hotel's 88 rooms and suites are thoughtfully designed to create a chic and soothing ambiance, making it the perfect escape for romantic getaways.

The property in perfectly placed between charming canals on one side and the picturesque Oosterpark on the other, giving the perfect balance between a city break and a peaceful retreat. One thing that we loved is waking up in the morning and taking a walk around the park before a al fresco breakfast on the terrace, a beautiful way to start the day especially in summer.

The hotel offers a range of facilities, including an urban spa offering a number of treatments, a rooftop terrace with weekend DJ sessions (open above 20 degrees), two restaurants, a well-equipped gym with innovative swing training, and a cozy living space filled with local books – a perfect spot to unwind with a cup of coffee while working or relaxing.

Now, let's talk about the rooms. As is the norm with newly renovated boutique hotels, the rooms are a tad on the smaller side, yet exquisitely decorated. Our suite featured gentle touches of light pink and velvet furniture, a comfortable double bed and a modern, cosy bathroom (no bath). It's worth mentioning that the bathroom door is transparent, which might only suit those sharing a close bond. The room also offers personalised touches, such as handpicked art collections which are available to purchase, a paper journal on your bedside, good lighting, smart TVs with Netflix, and Dyson hairdryers in every room.

One of my favourite things about this boutique property is the signature fragrance of Pillows which is apparent to you from the moment you step into the hotel, extending even to the shampoos and moisturizers provided, and you can even bring home a piece of this delightful scent with their candles available for purchase online.

Now, it wouldn’t be a Jet Set Diary without an exploration of the delicious foods we try on our journeys. The hotel offers two dining spaces:. Van Oost Restaurant, an elegant dining tasting menu space with an open kitchen for an amazing gastronomical experience. Unfortunately, we wasnt able to review as it is open only from Wednesday to Sunday, but that gives us yet another reason to plan a return trip to Amsterdam. Spring Brasserie is their all day dining space where breakfast is also conveniently served, for summer, this is a great spot as all meals can be served outside and the decor is fresh and floral. Note that locals who aren’t hotel guests can also walk in from Oosterpark. We only had breakfast here and it was delicious. Breakfast at Pillows is served a la carte and includes a 2 tier continental display. Additionally, you can also order larger dishes at an extra charge such as, a lobster roll, chai puddings and other healthy options.

To be truthful, we wasn’t expecting this new Amsterdam hotel to be as rejuvinating at it was, our team review lots of boutique city properties and often we find that they are all very similar, but Pillows is a true, unique haven that promises an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags, and let Pillows Mauritz be your serene sanctuary in this enchanting city of Amsterdam.

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