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A Night Under The Moroccan Stars

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An experience like no other… a night in the desert, courtesy of Scarabeo Camp.

The Scarabeo Camp is ideally located only 30 minutes from Marrakech airport, but feels like your miles deep into the Sahara Desert, away from everyday life.

The Camp is made up of 10 sleeping tents, and whilst basic are still very bespoke. There is a king size bed (which is super comfy), a small shower, a toilet (… if we can call it that), a fireplace and outside seating area. In the main camp there is multiple seating areas for snacks, drinks and dining and then the best part… the swimming pool, overlooking the Atlas Mountains, what a way to sunbath!

Most of the day we spent relaxing, taking in the extraordinary views and enjoying a few glasses of wine. We did attempt a dip in the pool but it was freezing so sunbathing was the better choice. Before dinner we decided to book in a Yoga session, with a wonderful yogi who done some breathing, stretching and meditating.

We got ready for dinner in our pretty dresses and heels, and quickly realised we had to change because A. once the sun goes down its very cold in the desert and B. walking in the sand in heels is not easy. So after a second outfit change we waited for dinner and listened to the guitar performance.

If you a foodie like me, your not going to be overjoyed with the options, and don’t expect a menu; its basic food such as meat and rice but its very fresh and flavorsome and I loved how well it represented the local culture.

Outside each sleeping tent is a lantern, one we probably should have picked up before dinner because finding our way back to the tent in the pitch dark wasn’t an easy task (thank god for iphone torches). Before getting into bed we attempted to start our fire but apparently we are too ------ for that, but atleast we tried. Now I’ll admit with the wind we did feel a little jumpy falling to sleep but waking up to the beautiful sunrise was totally worth it!

I would highly recommend all of my wonderful clients experiencing this! It’s a smooth trip from London and a few nights in Marrakech before or after are a must!

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